Buy your Cuponera Viva Pass and save up to 60%

Choose the Cuponera that suits your travel needs!

You can save up to 60% traveling to your favourite Viva destinations at a guaranteed price.
You have 1 full year to choose your trips
Redeem up to 3 days (72 hours) before you fly

Choose the Cuponera that fits your travel needs:

How does it work?

It’s simple!

1. Choose the Cuponera Viva Pass that best suits your needs: Domestic, 3 or 5 flights; International, 5 or 8 flights
2. You can use your Cuponera by logging in to the website. Book at least 3 days before the departure date of your flight.
3. Add the additional services you need before the flight. Buy in advance on the Web and save up to 60%
4. Your Cuponera Viva Pass is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Buy now and save up to 60%!

What do customers say about Cuponera Viva Pass?

star star star star star

"I like the cuponera because I don't have to worry about my next trips, I can buy them now but decide my destinations later. It allows me to save money and encourages me to travel more times in the year."

Natalia R.
star star star star

"I feel I can rely on the fare, it's perfect to deal with my business trips. It frees me from having to plan each trip independently."

Pablo F.
star star star star star

"The most interesting thing is, besides being a considerable saving, it helps me to be relaxed; I know that I have my flights already there for when I am planning to visit my family and I can use them whenever I want."

Jose M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cuponera Viva Pass

1. What is a Cuponera Viva Pass?

Cuponera Viva Pass and Cuponera Viva Pass+ are Viva's star products that allow the traveler to pay in advance for a set number of flights with our airline at a guaranteed price; without having to choose the route or the travel date.

A booking can be made up to 3 days before the departure date of the flight required; without paying any fare difference or penalty. This product adapts to the flexibility that the passenger needs and allows you to save up to 60% compared to the price of a regular ticket purchased at short notice.

The Cuponeras are available for the following markets:

-- Domestic Colombia: 5 segments or 8 segments

-- International: 3 segments or 5 segments

2. Who can buy a Cuponera Viva Pass?

Cuponera is designed for all travel lovers, frequent travelers, for those seeking flexibility when traveling, for all those who travel a lot for business or to visit family in another city. It's also great for those who love to have weekend breaks.

The Cuponera Viva Pass is only available to individual customers. A user can purchase more than one Cuponera Viva Pass by making a separate purchase for each Cuponera.

The purchase of a Cuponera Viva Pass is personal and non-transferable and cannot be assigned or transferred in any way to a third party. The user indicated on the Cuponera Viva Pass is the only person who can travel using the Cuponera segments.

Note: The Cuponera Viva Pass is also available for minors. It is subject to Viva Air policies and recommendations for travel with minors which is described here

Travel agents, wholesalers and other people or entities engaged in the sale or distribution of air transportation, or packages comprising air transportation are not eligible to purchase a Cuponera.

3. How can I purchase my Cuponera Viva Pass?

a) To purchase a Cuponera, you should access the Viva website at

b) The user must enter the name of the passenger who will use the Cuponera. After the purchase, the passenger name cannot be changed.

c) Once the purchase of the Cuponera Viva Pass has been made, the user will receive an email confirming the details of their purchase.

d) The Cuponera Viva Pass is available for use immediately after you receive the purchase confirmation.

4. How can I use my Cuponera Viva Pass?

-- Once you know where and when you want to travel, go to the Cuponera website and click on Redeem My Cuponera.

You can redeem each segment up to 3 days (72 hours) before the flight date.

Then go to our main website with your reservation code to add any additional services you need for your trip.

Keep in mind that Cuponeras cannot be mixed between Colombian and International markets.

5. On which flights can I use my Cuponera Viva Pass?

1 segment from the Cuponera Viva Pass is equivalent to one flight segment (departing from a point of origin and arriving at a specific destination).

If you would like to book a round trip, a trip with an outbound and inbound flight, then you will have to redeem 2 segments.

-- Domestic Flights Colombia: flights within Colombia operated by Viva Air.

-- International Flights: international flights operated by Viva Air.

6. How long is my Cuponera Viva Pass valid?

The validity of the Cuponera starts from the moment of purchase and lasts for 1 year (12 months); this period cannot be delayed or extended.

7. Is the Cuponera Viva Pass refundable?

No, your Cuponera Viva Pass and bookings made with it are non-refundable. There will be no refunds, vouchers or free changes for reservations made with the Cuponera unless the airline cancels the flight booked.

8. What happens to the unused segments if my Cuponera Viva Pass expires?

Any unused segments remaining after the Cuponera Viva Pass expires will be forfeited and cannot be exchanged or refunded.

9. Can my Cuponera Viva Pass be shared with others?

The Cuponera Viva Pass is designed for one (1) traveler, the segments are non-transferable and can only be used by the designated traveler.

10. Do I have to choose the destinations and travel dates when I buy a Cuponera?

No! This is the greatest advantage of having your Cuponera Viva Pass, because at the time of purchase you only have to choose the number of trips and whether they will be domestic or international flights. You have up to one year to redeem all your segments and can decide up to 3 days (72 hours) before the trip where you want to fly, without paying an additional cost.

11. Do I have to redeem all my segments at the same time?

No, this is not necessary. You have one year from the time of purchase of your Cuponera Viva Pass to redeem your segments whenever you require them. Remember that each segment is valid for a one way trip.

12. Can I change the name associated to my Cuponera Viva Pass?

No name changes are permitted, the Cuponera can only be used by the passenger indicated at the time of purchase.

13. Does my Cuponera Viva Pass include any additional services?

The Cuponera Viva Pass includes the number of trips you have purchased and a 40x35x25 bag or backpack which must fit under the seat in front of you.

If you want more additional services for your trip such as checked baggage or selecting your seat, you must add them at the time of booking, through your preferred channel of purchase: the website in the section "My booking"; Call Center or at the Airport.

14. Can my Cuponera Viva Pass be used any time of the year?

There are Blackout dates on which it is not possible to redeem flights. These dates are detailed in the Terms and Conditions. Remember that on the available dates you will have the following benefits: redeem flights up to 3 days before the departure date, you have one year to choose the route and date you want to flight, and save up to 60% on the price with short notice.

15. What are the Terms and Conditions of the Cuponera Viva Pass?

The Cuponera Viva Pass is subject to the Terms and Conditions available to view here.